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About us
You-niversity specializes in webcasting and web conferencing. From video streaming to online training, from everywhere to anywhere, from live simulcasts to on-demand webcasts, we are dedicated to providing our clients with webcasts they can be proud of. We’ve been in the software business and the training business since 1987. We started our webcast service in 1999 and have executed hundreds of webcast productions since then, long enough to master the nuts and bolts of webcasting. We invite you see case studies of our clients, visit the demos page or explore our free seminars. You-niversity webcast software delivers smooth streaming over both dial up and broadband Internet connections. Our branded interfaces and management system supports and enhances your business.

Our Webcast Company

"...what we have is a company dedicated to providing its clients the best webcast software. This is why despite the brutal global economy, we delivered thousands of webcast hours in 2003. ...We believe You-niversity is different, and one of the things that make us different is that -- in good times and bad -- we deliver. That is who we are."
You-niversity headquarters is strategically located minutes from our nation's capital in Arlington, Virginia. Our webcast service operates throughout the country and overseas in Europe and the Middle East. We are part of a group of companies that specializes in innovative software development and training services worldwide. For further inquiries about our webcast service, please call us (see the contact us page).

Our Webcast Technology

Meeting your ever-changing challenges is our business. At You-niversity, we know that selling you a video streaming package or an 800 number for a webcast is not enough to guarantee success. That is why we invested our vast experience in creating webcast software with carefully instrumented features. We then keep you on top of technology changes and accumulated experience by providing quarterly software upgrades. To learn more, download our features chart (MS Excel). Your investment in You-niversity’s technology is safe and sound, because we employ only standard, mainstream technologies. Your attendees will enjoy the best viewing experience on the 'net today, delivered by our click-and-view technology-they never have to download or install proprietary software. You will benefit from our complete webcast software, which addresses all of your webcasting needs and allows you to run your webcasting service with ease.

Our Webcast Service

As a leading ASP of webcasting services, we are committed to bringing your programs to a whole new level. Leadership to us means bringing you and your organization the expected webcast outcome. It begins by providing you with the best project managers that understand webcasting and listen to your specific needs. It follows with helping you in assessing your requirements and continues with production and execution of the webcast. Our role never ends; once you receive the evaluation of your online training program, we will continue to help you improve and grow your business.

What We Believe

  • Passion for Our Customers: Measuring our success by that of our customers...always driven by a spirit of innovation.
  • Every Person, Every Idea Counts: We understand that each client has their own specific needs. We respect the individual client and value their contribution. We strive to fulfill every client’s specific needs.
  • Playing Offense: Using our advantages to turn any project into a full success ...never allowing size to be a disadvantage.
  • Embracing Challenge and Excellence: Using the benefits of a digital age to accelerate our client's success.

Career Center
Learn How We Work to Guarantee Your Webcast Success...
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>> You-niversity webcasting brochure >> Executives’ presentation (PowerPoint)

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