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Client case studies
You-niversity is a worldwide leading provider of webcasting solutions for corporate, governmental, not-for-profit and educational organizations. Reliable, cost effective and service oriented are the hallmarks of today's communication needs. You-niversity webcasting provides all of the answers. Browse the following client case studies to see what we have done for others and what we can do for your webcasting project.

US Department of Agriculture,
Rural Housing Service

US Department of Labor,
Occupational Safety & Health

Michigan Supreme Court,Michigan Judicial Institute

Harvard Medical School,NHLBI Genomic Applications Program

TBA Entertainment/BEA


Choice Hotels International

EDS,State of California – HIPAA Medi-Cal

Health Resources and Services Administration – MCHB / MCH IRC

Association of Community Cancer Centers

The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists

Heel Inc

Cornerstone REIT

Legacy Family Institute


The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
Project Management Institute - PMI®
Registered Education Provider Program

The Appraisal Foundation

Fordham Law School, NY

George Washington Univ., VA

International AIDS Society

Center for Bio-Medicine Communications

Mason Enterprise Center,Incubator America

Center for Small Business

Lovelace Clinic Foundation

County Executives of America

Center for Regional Analysis

Papa John's


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Health Resources and Services Administration - Maternal and Health Child Health Bureau Office of Data and Information Management
HRSA – MCHB office of data and information management designed a series of audioconferences via telephone conference call and/or live on the Internet that feature special topics related to Maternal and Child Health (MCH) data. Each event features several remote speakers. Hundreds of experts and professionals from all over the country tune in to this high-profile series of seminars produced using you-niversity’s robust system. Live captioning, recordings, enhanced visuals, a choice of audio sources and you-niversity’s live support contribute to the success of this series.
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U.S. Department of Agriculture
The Rural Housing Service has implemented an initiative to preserve the Multi-Family Housing portfolio. Live and archived (on demand) web conferencing was chosen as the medium to deliver education. 235 employees located in the entire 50 states tuned on to the live program. "Ease of use and improved accessibility were key factors" behind the USDA's decision to choose you-niversity. Participants have the option to listen over the Internet, or via phone lines. Archives are available to the USDA within 24 hours. Feedback indicates that the program is a "Great way to do training! We need to have more such training in the future!", "The medium is very useful" and that "This was a great way of providing good, consistent information in the fastest way possible without the need to travel to some far away place."
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The Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Medical Education - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA
The Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Medical Education - Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA, participates in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Programs for Genomic Applications (PGAs). The goals of the PGAs include developing information, tools, and resources to link genes to biological function. The information is to be freely available in a timely manner to the research community. To that end the Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Medical Education choose you-niversity to webcast its 2-days annual meeting on Genomics and Genetic Epidemiology. The webcast included 26 presentations and panel discussions. The webcast "turned to be an immediate success for us, with you-niversity's quick turn around and glitch-free production".
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U.S. Department of Labor - Occupational Safety & Health Administration
OSHA offered a bid for a multimedia presentation showcasing its new barium safety regulations. You-niversity webcasting provided the cost-effective yet comprehensive solution OSHA looked for. Shortly after the completion of the regulation’s draft (due February 2004) the webcast will be aired. OSHA associates and the general public will access the multimedia presentation on-demand from the OSHA web site.
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Michigan Supreme Court - Michigan Judicial Institute
"What an excellent tool!!", "This webcast was great because I worked it in around my schedule." and "Extremely helpful to have this type of a seminar available on the Web" are the ubiquitous feedback submitted by staff members and judges to the Michigan Judicial Institute (MJI), the training division of the State Court Administrative Office of the Michigan Supreme Court. MJI's mission is to promote professional excellence by leading and directing a comprehensive program of high quality. You-niversity's webcasting system was chosen by MJI to implement its charter. Initial analysis done by MJI shows significant savings by using webcasting. Savings were achieved as soon as the second quarter of operations, with projected savings of more then half a million dollars during the first year.
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EDS and the State of California – HIPAA Medi-Cal
EDS and the state of California turned to you-niversity to produce and deliver a series of 6 audio and web seminars to train 2,400 professionals in the state about the new HIPAA regulations. Lectures are delivered from Sacramento, CA. Attendees have a choice to listen using their phones or their computers while slides are being presented on their computers’ screens. The program is interactive, allowing attendees to send questions. Moderated Q&A sessions allow the faculty to address the most relevant of these questions. Online archives and CD-ROMs are provided for the convenience of those that cannot attend the live event.
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TBA Entertainment /BEA
TBA entertainment looked for a state-of-the-art webcast for their prestigious client, BEA (a world-leader software provider), to deliver its high-profile annual sales event. Viewed by the BEA’s different offices around the globe you-niversity’s 10-hours production that was a great hit.
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CHH - Choice Hotels International
Choice Hotels International® is one of the largest and most successful lodging franchisors in the world. Choice looked for a webcasting solution to deliver its annual, all-associates event, to its different offices. You-niversity webcast provided video and synchronized slides in both real-time and archived formats.
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OSIsoft Inc., the leader in Real-time Performance Management (RtPM) provides solutions to worldwide clientele. OSIsoft looked for a webcast to be delivered real-time in 7 different languages to a large worldwide audience. You-niversity’s comprehensive system provided the perfect match for that challenge.
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Heel Inc.
As one of the largest homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the world, with distribution in over 60 countries Heel Inc. constantly needs to communicate complex visual information to it associates, distributors and corporate clients. You-niversity webcasting provides Heel with the infrastructure to deliver high-end presentations that include video, slides, visuals and teleconference lines synchronized by the system. Interactive programs are delivered from Heel’s headquarters in Albuquerque, NM or from faculty offices. Attendees tune-in from all over the world. CD-ROMs are provided for the convenience of those that cannot attend the live events.
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NuTech Solutions
NuTech solutions required a webcast production that combined recorded playbacks and live interaction with faculty from different locations. Using you-niversity’s webcast system NuTech solutions delivered a glitch-free event.
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Cornerstone REIT
Cornerstone REIT launched its spring marketing campaign within a very tight schedule. With you-niversity's superior webcasting service and Easy/Access™ technology all Cornerstone's 80 branches across the country were engaged over night.
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Precursor ®
As a change research firm designed to discover new opportunities and risks for institutional investors, Precursor turned to you-niversity to deliver timely and complex information to its clients. With you-niversity webcasting, Precursor is able to deploy web-based presentations within hours, to be viewed by large audiences of investors nationwide – each on its convenient time.  

Skillometer is an Application Service Provider (ASP) that provides IT skills testing to companies and IT professionals.

Altova GmbH - The XML Spy Company
Altova is a leading provider of XML software development tools with offices in Beverly, Mass., and headquarters in Vienna, Austria.
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ASNC - The American Society of Nuclear Cardiology
The ASNC sponsors a high-profile webminar program for resident physicians. To that end the ASNC looked for a simple, robust and cost-effective solution. You-niversity’s production worked around ASNC’s presenters schedule and available materials providing the ASNC with maximum flexibility.
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Legacy Family Institute
LFI sponsors a series of webminars about the new HIPAA regulations in regard to children. You-niversity system allowed attendees to interact with the experts in real-time over the phone and over the Internet. Recordings of the webminars and the interactions are then placed on the library page for further review.
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ACCC - Association of Community Cancer Centers
The ACCC sponsors a series of weekly webminars for community cancer centers’ specialists. To that end the ACCC looked for a simple, robust and cost-effective solution. You-niversity’s system allows the ACCC to conduct the webminars over the phone as well as over the Internet while putting the control in the hands of the ACCC.
The Center for Small Business Solutions
The Center for Small Business Solutions offers innovative advisory services specifically for small businesses. The Center searched for a cost-effective way to deliver its customized workshops series to the largest possible audience. You-niversity’s Easy/Access™ scales up from dial-up modems to broadband connections. Business owners throughout the country may tune in live or view the programs on-demand (or both). You-niversity supports the CFWP program by providing easy-to-use management tools and different plans for the end-users.
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Project Management Institute - PMI® Project Management Institute - PMI ®
The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the world's leading not-for-profit project management association, with over 100,000 members. PMI searched for a comprehensive yet cost-effective solution to deliver on-line seminars to its members worldwide. With you-niversity's system PMI delivers the seminars from its headquarters in Philadelphia, PA to its members worldwide. All activities are conducted online including content management, enrollment and report generation.
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The Appraisal Foundation
The Appraisal Foundation is a not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to the advancement of professional valuation. The work of the Foundation is important to all disciplines of the appraisal profession as well as to the consumer public. Periodical updates about the Foundation’s work are delivered live in Washington D.C. The Foundation seeks for the most effective way to update regulators throughout the country. With you-niversity’s webcasting system the Foundation allows regulators to attend the live programs or watch them on-demand from the comfort of their desktop. Attendees throughout the country may also chime-in to discuss the presented topics.
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Center for Bio-Medical Communication a division of PAREXEL Intl. The Center for Bio-Medical Communication, Inc. (CBC), founded in 1986, is a medical communications company dedicated to serving the scientific community by providing quality educational programming. The CBC looked to provide this valuable information to busy practicing physicians and to reach into international audience. "You-niversity was a natural choice since it allows us different exposure paths while we keep track and control". For example, the 4.5 days IDBR course was broadcasted live, then offered as CME through the CBC website and with CD-ROMs. Impressed by the outcome, many attending the on-site event decided to purchase the archived version too.
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ACAMS - The Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists
Dedicated to the detection and prevention of international money laundering, ACAMS turned to you-niversity to design and deploy worldwide seminars using teleconferencing and web technologies for its members. With you-niversity webcasting, ACAMS specialists deliver seminars from their offices to worldwide audience. Attendees are offered a choice to listen using their phones or their computers’ speakers while watching slides presented on their screens. The program is interactive, allowing attendees to send questions. Moderated Q&A sessions allow the faculty to address the most relevant of these questions. CD-ROMs are provided for the convenience of those that cannot attend the live event.
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International AIDS Society-USA
The International AIDS Society-USA is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit professional organization that has been sponsoring continuing medical education (CME) programs for physicians since 1992 and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). IAS-USA was charted by the HRSA to webcast its annual meetings allowing busy healthcare providers access to the information. Tribute to You-niversity's ease of use the webcast more than tripled the exposure and broaden it to international audiences.
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Lovelace Clinic Foundation (LCF)
Lovelace Clinic Foundation (LCF) wanted to produce a high profile yet easy-to-use CD-ROM for educational purposes. The CD-ROM encompasses lectures by world-famous researchers working with the LCF. You-niversity's highly efficient and versatile production process provided the perfect solution for this project. You-niversity CD-ROM captures live presentations including video, audio and slides. CD-ROMs can be password protected and their usage can be limited to a specific number of hours.
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Incubator America
Ready to Expand Your Business to the United States? Want to know how to get started? Incubator AMERICA! is the direct link to American enterprise for international companies. You-niversity was chosen to support the information assimilation. "With you-niversity's superior service and responsiveness we are able to meet our clients' sophisticated and demanding requirements. The service is so comprehensive and flexible that it allowed us to implement all of our needs". Part of a network of Incubators around the country, IA needs to reach its clients in a timely manner. You-niversity provides the infrastructure for such operations. From their office space marketers can explain and educate clients over the Internet, over phone lines or both.
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Center for Regional Analysis
A strategic management tool that all advanced local governments must have! Local elected officials and business leaders can better plan for and respond to changes in their local economy by using local economic index reports. The indices are specifically designed for each locality. Their purpose is to provide a first alert of future economic changes and to keep track of those changes in "real time."
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County Executives of America
County Executives of America, or CEA, provides its members with the voice they need to remain strong politically and economically.
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Internet Academy for Continuing Medical Education
The IACME mission is to provide high quality Continuing Education (CE and CME), easily available to healthcare providers. This aids healthcare providers in their effort to maintain competence and to incorporate updated knowledge, in order to improve the quality of medical care for patients, in their communities.
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George Mason University
George Mason University searched for a way to reach more students while cutting on costs. The University in collaboration with you-niversity offers Students cutting-edge technology in a virtual classroom. This is another endeavor by George Mason's Train to Technology program in the School of Information Technology and Engineering to address the demand for qualified professionals in the high-technology industry in Northern Virginia. Click to read more…

Fordham Corporate Law Institute Fordham Corporate Law Institute Fordham Corporate Law Institute part of the Fordham Law School, NYC, NY is presenting its 30’th Annual Conference on International Antitrust Law and Policy. By its very nature this high-profile event allures to national and international audience. The institute searched to allow busy professionals who cannot attend in person to participate via the Internet.
You-niversity's vivid webcasting experience provides online attendees with the feeling of being on site. Furthermore, attendees can tune in to the program around their busy schedule benefiting from the premium archiving services.

The International Center For Legal Studies
ICLS specializes in teaching the core LL.B subjects for the University of London's External Programme in Laws. Whether you're already enrolled with the University of London External Programme in Laws or are seeking to apply, ICLS Legal Tutors are here to help you earn your law degree.
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George Mason University - Mason Enterprise Center
The Mason Enterprise Center (MEC) is the synthesis of seven programs designed to meet the needs of growing businesses in the Washington metropolitan region. A not-for-profit organization created by George Mason University in 1995, the Mason Enterprise Center focuses the energy, skills and intellectual capital of the university on enterprise creation, expansion and restructuring.
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Train to Technology
George Mason's Train To Technology Program continues to offer the best high-level Information Technology Education in the Northern Virginia area. They are dedicated to delivering training in state-of the-art technologies to the Northern Virginia area and environs.

Potomac College
Located in Washington DC, with an additional branch located in Herndon VA, Potomac College is the District of Columbia's answer to the educational needs of working adults. Potomac College offers programs of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum has been designed to be firmly grounded in the realities of the workplace.
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The Sela Institute for Advanced Computer Studies
Israel based, SELA Group deals with the delivery of complex Hi-Tech projects and the highest level of programmer training. The SELA Group is regarded as one of the leaders in High-Tech training in Israel. Over 35,000 engineers have been trained at Sela, and thousands of academia and others have been professionally retrained and absorbed into the Hi-Tech work force through Sela.
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Tel-Aviv University
Located in Israel's cultural, financial and industrial heartland, Tel Aviv University is the largest university in Israel and the biggest Jewish university in the world. It is a major center of teaching and research, comprising nine faculties, 106 departments, and over 80 research institutes.
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TUI University
TUI University is a newly developed branch campus of Touro College, New York. TUI is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, as part of the scope of accreditation of Touro College.
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Learnframe is a leading provider of KnowledgE-Commerce™ solutions, e-learning infrastructure technologies and services for large and small enterprises, government agencies, learning providers and Internet businesses around the world.

ITtoolbox provides a knowledge network and support environment for the IT industry. As IT professionals or business decision-makers need information to complete a task or make a decision, they turn to ITtoolbox to quickly get specific answers to their unique questions.
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Web and Directories
Education Marketing & Education Data
QEDData offers quality education data, education marketing, education research and education statistics on public schools, private schools and higher education including creative marketing services, teacher surveys, school mailing lists, and school data guides
UK Multimedia Presentation Services
Rossiter & Co 11 times award winner

A comprehensive directory of resources on various topics, mostly focused on computers and the Internet.

Wainhouse Research
Wainhouse Research analyzes the technologies, products, vendors, applications, and market trends in the visual collaboration and rich media communications marketplace by publishing their news bulletin, articles, whitepapers, industry reports, producing seminars, and providing related consulting services.

e-Learning Centre
Thousands of selected and reviewed links to e-learning articles, white papers, research reports; examples of e-learning solutions; vendors of e-learning content, technology and services; as well as e-learning conferences, seminars, workshops and other e-learning events.

A leading business search engine and directory designed to help its users find the companies, products, services, and information they need to make the right business decisions.
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