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Deliver presentations from anywhere to everywhere
Deliver your presentations from your offices or from your associates’ offices. Large and dispersed groups of attendees may tune-in, interact and collaborate in real-time over the Internet or in conjunction with phone lines.

Keep in touch with your audience and save big. Train, meet or present online while saving travel time and money. Webcast in real-time or develop a library of view-on-demand recordings. Manage, promote, collect registrations and post-produce your online meetings with you-niversity management tools. Click to view a demo…

Meetings with lasting impressions. Your meetings will generate enthusiastic feedback. Utilizing our carefully crafted, easy-to-use features, you will leave a long-lasting good impression on your audience. To learn more, view a demo, browse the specifications or read testimonials.   Click to enlarge
We offer the freedom of choice. Video or audio only? Moderated or self produced? One, two or many presenters? With slides or without them? Internet only or coupled with phones? Free or paid? Real-time or on-demand? Feel free to choose. Need some advice? Want to learn more? Click to have a webcasting specialist contact you…

How does it work? An Internet-connected computer at your office, equipped with our software, with a microphone and an optional camera will transmit to our servers. The speaker will use the software to present slides, answer questions, administer polls or otherwise manage the presentation. Attendees will click on a button on your website to log on and seamlessly will connect to our servers to receive the broadcast.

Learn How We Work to Guarantee Your Webcast Success...
>> "Getting Started" webcast (30-minutes) >> White paper: webcasting for associations
>> Request a quote >> Learn more: All the features explained
>> You-niversity webcasting brochure >> Executives’ presentation (PowerPoint)

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