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Increase your exposure, revenues and audience
Take your seminars, meetings or conferences online. Broadcast the events live, deliver them on-demand or do both. Either way, our system makes it an easy-to-accomplish, hassle-free job. From small online groups to thousands of viewers at a major online event, our focus on quality will assure your glitch-free production.
Take your events to a new level. Webcasting is a great way to complement your live events. Deliver audio, video and slides. Allow online attendees to interact, submit questions and vote online. Increase revenues by attracting more attendees in real-time--then offer pay-per-view packages.
Unmatched viewing experience. Your program will shine, and your viewers will applaud you. Equipped with carefully selected, easy-to-use features, our system will allow attendees to fully enjoy your program. Then smile and enjoy their enthusiastic feedback. To learn more, view a demo, browse the specifications or read testimonials.

You decide upon the level of service you desire from us. Friendly staff backed by our 17+ years of experience will be happy to consult you every step of the way. Then it is your choice. We can take the load off your shoulders and provide you with an end-to-end production, or train your staff on how to execute it. Need a quote? Click here…

How does it work? An Internet-connected computer at your venue, equipped with our software, will transmit to our servers. Attendees will click a button on your website to logon and will seamlessly connect to our servers.

Learn How We Work to Guarantee Your Webcast Success...
>> "Getting Started" webcast (30-minutes) >> White paper: webcasting for associations
>> Request a quote >> Learn more: All the features explained
>> You-niversity webcasting brochure >> Executives’ presentation (PowerPoint)

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